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  • Olden but golden Photoshop Tutorial

    Here is one of my first tutorial I made. Retouching Skin without loosing any details. The technique is not that complicated but the result is amazing. It’s a non destructive method to keep all the details of the skin but with a smooth and clean...
  • New Youtube Channels

    I am creating now a bunch of YouTube Channels because of several reasons. My old channel is a little bit messed up and not sorted well The videos on my old channels are without and Intro and Outro I had trouble with Adsense on my...
  • Patreon website of Michael Novelo

    Since today the 02.10.2014 my Patreon website is online and ready. The last few month I was researching for a possibility to refinance my work as Tutor and Blogger and finally I found something wich looks like promising. Patreons concept is a real cool and...
  • Blender Quick Tip: Mirror Modifier

    This Quicktip is about Blender and how you can add a Mirror Modifier after you created the model. In this case here I used that method to mirror some details on a spaceship model I prepared for the upcoming Workshop “The Space Academy” Just go...
  • My journey into the video footage stock market

    In this and in future posts I will describe my journey into the video stock footage market and howto maybe become a successful stock footage contributor. At the moment I am a total blank sheet of paper. I do not know anything about stock footage....
  • Tapas a delicious Photoshooting

    This kind of Photo-shooting is one of my favorite. Especially when no Foodartist is involved which ruins the food with strange chemicals and coloring and so on. These Tapas were so delicious that all the models haven’t survived the shooting. 😉
  • Blender “The death of Obi Wan Kenobi “

    This image is named “The death of Obi Wan Kenobi” it’s inspired by the death scene in Star Wars Episode IV. The Idea and Making of “The death of Obi Wan Kenobi” in Blender The Idea was to create a keyscene of Star Wars but...
  • Blog and Youtube Channels

    Blog Right now i doing a review on my website, because I think its a little bit confusing. There is the startpage, the blog, the tutorial page and artwork page and so on. I think thats a litte bit to much, i thought in the...
  • Tutorial Series Project an Idea is on the way

    New Projects and Tutorials Series on the way.   The Idea of the new Tutorial Series Project Since a few weeks I’am playing around with and idea of publishing new and fresh tutorials on my Tutorial Website. The Theme of the tutorials will be Science...

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