Blender “The death of Obi Wan Kenobi “

Death of Obi Wan Kenobi

This image is named “The death of Obi Wan Kenobi” it’s inspired by the death scene in Star Wars Episode IV.

The Idea and Making of “The death of Obi Wan Kenobi” in Blender

The Idea was to create a keyscene of Star Wars but my problem was iam not a character designer so i came up with the idea of a just used lightsaber on the ground with the cloak of Obi Wan Kenobi in the background and the shadow of Darth Vader on the ground. But first i had to model the Lightsaber, its was a task to find a good reference but then I found the site of Roland Palotai RO-Lightsaber. I was blown away by the amazing handcrafted Lightsabers.This site is really worth a look and a paradise for all Star Wars fans. After the modeling I UV unwrapped the whole model piece by piece. Then i created the normal maps with ndo2 by Quixel. The textures are some textures from CGTextures but alternated in Adobe Photoshop.

Lightsaber first render

Lightsaber first render

I posted my first attempt into the Facebook Blender Community. After posting i have got some really good critique and suggestion to make the image better.

After doing a few test I made the first proof of concept.

Scene proof of concept

Scene proof of concept

The next step was to improve the cloak, the position of the Lightsaber, textures and the shadow. For the textures I had to use a

Getting closer to the final image.

Getting closer to the final image.

The composition looked good but the smoke and the shadow of Darth Vader was to strong and the texture of the cloak was not good enough to call it final. Even the lighting was not right. So i followed a suggestion from a member of the Facebook Blender group to lower the HDR lighting and using 3 kinds of lamps. A red lamp to get Darth Vaders red lightsaber into the game a Spot lamp to lit the saber from the front and a blue mesh lamp from above to have a contrast color to the red lamp.

The image above is what Blender has given to me without using the compositor. The rest of the work was done in Photoshop. The smoke was added with a smoke brush. For the shadow of Darth Vader i painted a black silutette of Darth Vader bended it and putted it on the ground with a very low opacity to give just the idea of the shadow so that the shadow isn’t dominating the scene. Then i added a color ramp to darken the upper part of the image.

Semi Final image straight out of Blender

Semi Final image straight out of Blender

For the help and the critique i have to say thanks to the Blender Community out there.

Have a nice day!

Blog and Youtube Channels


Right now i doing a review on my website, because I think its a little bit confusing. There is the startpage, the blog, the tutorial page and artwork page and so on. I think thats a litte bit to much, i thought in the past i have to split up all of my sites because of mr. google and SEO and other optimization stuff. But it is a pain in the … to keep a construction like this running and up to date. I decided to only keep my start page and my Tutorial page. The start page or will be the main website of Visual-Pixels. You will find there the recent blog entries, my artwork and page links to my google+ and facebook pages.
The tutorial website will still remain as extra page because of some technical issus which i have to deal with. The blog will stay the next few month still online but there will be no more new posts. All news and posts are in the future directly to find on or
So please be patience with me and check out my Website.


The oposite thing happens to my Youtube Channels. I split my channel in sperate channels to be a little bit more focused. Each channel will have only one topic. Iam working currently on 4 Channels, a Blender Channel, a Cinema 4D Channel a Photoshop Channel and a Digital Imaging Channel. In the Blender Channel will go only topics wich are related to Blender the same for the Cinema 4D channel. The Digital Imaging Channel will contain all the Tutorials which have different topics in digital imaging like Photographie, GIMP and Inkscape. On my actuall channel I will not longer post any new tutorials. Only teasers and Demoreels for tutorials, workshops or recent finished work i have done (and I am allowed to show).

Because iam working the next few days on the redoing, it may be that some posts I shared in the past will be posted again because of the social sharing plugin of WordPress. So please forgive me if there are some or many posts you have seen in the past.

Ok I think thats all at the moment.

Have a nice day

The Space Academy

Tutorial Series Project an Idea is on the way

New Projects and Tutorials Series on the way.


The Idea of the new Tutorial Series Project

Since a few weeks I’am playing around with and idea of publishing new and fresh tutorials on my Tutorial Website. The Theme of the tutorials will be Science Fiction, Spaceships, SciFi-Scenes and futuristic Environments. I’m thinking to give the whole thing the title “The Space Academy”. At this time right now i am at the beginning of the process to make the tutorials. I prepared a lot of Tutorials about different materials in the last few month and that’s by the way the reason i have not published one tutorial the last few month. And i think it will take some more time until I publish another tutorial because I want to integrate these tutorials in my new idea of “The Space Academy”. The name has absolutely nothing to do with the Nature Academy or Architecture Academy of Andrew Price, he’s a great guy and really a Blenderguru. The name is because the first thing i thought about was Wesley Crusher in TNG when he went on the Starfleet Academy.

I have prepared over 60 Material Tutorials, yes you heard right over 60!!. For all these Tutorials i have written step by step Tutorials to publish them together with the video tutorials. These written Tutorials are 6 up to 15 pages long for every Material, that means I have written over 600 pages of tutorial steps. For 40 % of the Tutorial i have made just the video as well, but its only raw material and they are not edited right now. A lot work but was never happy about the concept. I posted in the last few days some Images on Facebook and Google+. My plan was to discover how much interest is out there for this topic. I have to beg the community for forgiveness that I acted like a semi noob. But I wanted to be criticized on the workflow and where i have to prevent errors. The response was amazing. I liked the comments very much because they showed me what the community wants to see. Thank to all reviewers.

Here’ is a little example what i am talking about.

Tutorial Series Project "The Space Academy"

What can you learn.

The Tutorials will cover the whole process of creating a still life like the image above.

  • Basic and Advanced modelling Technics.
  • how to create realistic Materials in Blender
  • advanced normal map Technics with Photoshop, Gimp, ndo2, xnormals and crazy bumb
  • how to create a HDR lightning environment
  • creating complex light setups
  • and much more.

more Ideas

Yes there is more. I am thinking about going the extra mile with these tutorials. I am thinking of showing you how to take Texture images with a Professional Equipment in my Studio and in the nature(For the Neerds nature is that funny thing behind your window)  and how you can do it without a fancy equipment. Maybe i am able to show how to take footage for integrating a model in a real world scene. The thing is i want to show you the whole process from the very beginning to the bloody end.

But remember this is just an idea of an upcoming project, there are so many things still to do.

Artwork by Michael Novelo – Visual-Pixels

Here you can find recent artwork which i do when my brain is not useful for any commercial usage.

The artwork is done in Blender, Cinema 4D, Photoshop and  Gimp. Sometimes the Artwork is based on some inspiration like photos at Google+ or Facebook or its just a idea I had in mind.

Artwork Gallery

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