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  • Boost Contrast in Photoshop

    Boost Contrast in Photoshop is something which is needed really often in Photoshop. In this tutorial will show you how to boost the contrast of a Photo using Photoshop. We’re going to use a Black/White adjustment layer to give the Photo back the contrast and...
  • Vintage Photo Effect in Photoshop

    The Vintage Photo Effect in Photoshop is a great effect to add this old 80’s Polaroid Instant Camera look to your images. Strong colors, under and over exposed areas and burned out on the frames. The untouched Photo is not really good, but with the...
  • Grunge Effect in Photoshop

    Grunge Effect in Photoshop is a really strong effect to give photos of strong characters the extra kick they need to make the photos impressive. The Grunge Effect brings the details of a strong face to live. I am showing you how you can add...
  • Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial

    This Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial can lead to amazing Images. Double Exposure is technique to create a overblending effect of two Images. In the days of analog photography it was a simple technique to over blend two images by exposure the same frame. The resulting...
  • Slimy Text Effect with Photoshop

    The Slimy Text Effect Tutorial with Photoshop is Tutorial with the intense use of Layer effects. Layer effects are really cool and if you use them the right way you can produce really amazing effects. This Tutorial was inspired by Halloween. If you like this...
  • 5 Minutes Photoshop a new Tutorial Series

    5 Minutes Photoshop is my new Tutorial Series about Photoshop. These short tutorial videos are really short and effective to learn a specific technique. I packed as much information as I can into these 5 Minutes. At the moment I am creating these tutorials on...

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