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Right now i doing a review on my website, because I think its a little bit confusing. There is the startpage, the blog, the tutorial page and artwork page and so on. I think thats a litte bit to much, i thought in the past i have to split up all of my sites because of mr. google and SEO and other optimization stuff. But it is a pain in the … to keep a construction like this running and up to date. I decided to only keep my start page and my Tutorial page. The start page visual-pixels.de or visual-pixels.com will be the main website of Visual-Pixels. You will find there the recent blog entries, my artwork and page links to my google+ and facebook pages.
The tutorial website tutorials.visual-pixels.de will still remain as extra page because of some technical issus which i have to deal with. The blog will stay the next few month still online but there will be no more new posts. All news and posts are in the future directly to find on visual-pixels.de or visual-pixels.com.
So please be patience with me and check out my Website.


The oposite thing happens to my Youtube Channels. I split my channel in sperate channels to be a little bit more focused. Each channel will have only one topic. Iam working currently on 4 Channels, a Blender Channel, a Cinema 4D Channel a Photoshop Channel and a Digital Imaging Channel. In the Blender Channel will go only topics wich are related to Blender the same for the Cinema 4D channel. The Digital Imaging Channel will contain all the Tutorials which have different topics in digital imaging like Photographie, GIMP and Inkscape. On my actuall channel I will not longer post any new tutorials. Only teasers and Demoreels for tutorials, workshops or recent finished work i have done (and I am allowed to show).

Because iam working the next few days on the redoing, it may be that some posts I shared in the past will be posted again because of the social sharing plugin of WordPress. So please forgive me if there are some or many posts you have seen in the past.

Ok I think thats all at the moment.

Have a nice day


My name is Michael Novelo I am in the IT Business since 22 years and since 2009 a full time Digital Artist

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