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Patreon website of Michael Novelo

Since today the 02.10.2014 my Patreon website is online and ready.

The last few month I was researching for a possibility to refinance my work as Tutor and Blogger and finally I found something wich looks like promising. Patreons concept is a real cool and easy way to get help from viewers. And being a Patron is even easier. Just check out my Patreon.com website.

The need to get some kind of money out of my work as Tutor becomes more and more necessary to me.

Why do I need a Patreon website

I am planning to release a lot of Tutorials, I have so many ideas. But this takes time and time is money. In my case it is true because I am self-employed and every second I cut from my normal daily work, is money which is not in my pocket to cover the living expenses of my family and me. So I have to do something. There are two ways, either to leave it or to find ways to refinance my work as Tutor.

I tried out many ways but these were only tries to find out the best way. And Patreon.com was the coolest thing I found. It’s easy to understand, there’s no dependency on one big player like Adsense or Amazon or cj. There is the possibiliy to give something back to the Patrons. You can interact on the Patreon website with your Patrons and give them the attention which they deserve. You can give out rewards depending how money much a Patreon spends on your creations. A Patreon website is more personal than all the oder crowd funding websites.

Why should you be a Patron

That’s easy, because I need your help like you are seeking mine. Its a win-win situation. You help me by donating a little amount of money and I help you by creating more tutorials.

Start now being a Patron

Just visit my Patreon website and check it out.


Thank you for being my Patron




My name is Michael Novelo I am in the IT Business since 22 years and since 2009 a full time Digital Artist

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