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  • Motion Blur Effect #5 minutes Photoshop

    This Tutorial is about the Motion Blur Zoom Effect to help a Model or Object to stand out of an overwhelming background. This video is part of my 5 min Photoshop Tutorial serie. These are short and easy to learn Photoshop effects and techniques in...
  • DIY – Cardboard Box Lightformer for your Speed Light

    To use a Speed-Light is a common task in the daily work of a photographer. But sometimes the lighting needs an extra kick.  To create the amazing light pattern you can see in the image you can use expensive light former equipment or you can...
  • Simple Ice Shader for Blender Cycles

    Here is my simple Ice Shader for Blender Cycles. The Node setup is very simple and easy to understand. Here is the complete Node-Setup. The first part is just a Glass BSDF Shader the Roughness is controlled by an ice texture. You can get the...
  • Create a Ghost Photo in Photoshop

    This Tutorial is a kind of a romantic one. Create a Ghost Photo in Photoshop by using some really simple technics.You will learn how to remove a person of a Photo and put back as Ghost to create a sad but romantic Photocomposition.   Heres...
  • Tilt-Shift Effect Photoshop Tutorial

    The Tilt-Shift Effect Photoshop Tutorial will show you how to create the Tilt/Shift Effect to simulate a miniature Scene. I show you two Methods. The first is the traditional version and the second the Tilt-Shift Effect of the Blur Gallery which is implemented in the...
  • Selective Color Grading in Photoshop

    This Tutorial is about Selective Color Grading in Photoshop. With this techique it is possible to create an amazing saturated look. If you want see more of my Tutorials visit and subscribe to my Youtube Channel
  • Boost Contrast in Photoshop

    Boost Contrast in Photoshop is something which is needed really often in Photoshop. In this tutorial will show you how to boost the contrast of a Photo using Photoshop. We’re going to use a Black/White adjustment layer to give the Photo back the contrast and...

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