For Beauty Bloggers it is really important to present the Beauty Products which they use in way which represents the product on its best side. 

There are many options to create amazing images of Beauty Products. But most of these options are very time consuming and sometimes these options involving a lot of equipment. A really cool solution to create amazing looking images is to use “The Infinity Effect”. 

Here I am going to show you how you create an infinite background on really low budget. With this setup you can use artificial light or natural light. This setups opens a new world to be creative.

You can watch the video or follow the instructions here:


1. The Materials

You need: a cardboard box, scissors or a sharp knife, a pen or pencil, Duct Tape or packing tape and some thin cardboard or thick paper.

You don’t need a fancy box (nobody will see it), but you can certainly choose a more aesthetically appealing box if you want. I just use a box Decathlon had send me some spare parts for my tent. So by reusing it I can help to save the planet ;).  If you don’t have any packing tape, feel free to use plenty of scotch or masking tape instead.


2. Preparing the Paper

You could use a ruler to measure and draw your lines on the paper, but the easiest way is just to use the side of your box. Line it up with the edge of the paper and slide it about a half-inch off the paper to take account for the thickness of the sides, and draw in the lines. Flip the box onto the next surface, side or base, to get an idea of the length and add a few inches because you will want to account for fold-over on the edges.

I don’t need to tell you how to cut the line, use scissors or a knife. Choose your weapon of choice.

3. Prepare the box

You only need to have the base and one wall on the back, so cut away the rest but on the sides leave just some small triangles where the base and the back meets, this helps that the back is not falling over and you have to stabilize it somehow. The measures of the triangles should not to be to big(because of  blocking the light) and not to small (for stability).

4. Setup the paper

From here, it only gets easier.   Make sure the bottom of the cardboard box is not to long. If it is to long just trim it. Your result should look like somehow the image below.

5. Fold your edges

The folding isn’t actually all that necessary, you can use small clamps or tape, but not having the tape on the back gives you an extra inch or two of shooting area. So, if you’d like, fold the paper over the top and bottom, crease, and secure with tape.

The finished product

It’s not much, but it’s all I needed! The “infinity effect” (that is, the infinite backdrop for a photo) adds a really clean, polished feel to photos, and it’s just so easy to do.


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