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DIY: The World smallest Photostudio for less then 1$

Sometimes it can not be simpler to create your own Photostudio.  Today I show you how to create The World smallest Photostudio on a really low Budget.


The Materials

As simple this studio is to build as simple are the used materials

  • a sheet of paper
  • 2 Paper-Clips
  • Scissors

Low Budget right?! In this setup is really not much material involved. Thats the beauty of simplicity.

The Setup

Just bend the paper to a cylinder and clip the overlapping together by using the Paper-Clips. 

If you are taking images of small jewelry you are ready to go, but if you are taking images of wrist watches the wrist band is overlapping and the cylinder will not have an secure stand. To prevent this just make some cuts like in the image below.

By creating these holes on the base of the cylinder you will have now enough space for the wrist band to stick out and the rest of the cylinder has now a secure and stable stand.

Place your Speed-Light somewhere outside of the cylinder and take an image straight from the top. After a little practicing you will create some amazing images. 

Quick Test Shot


With this setup you will be able to create really fast really good images of small object. As you can see in the image the light is very even and plain. This is sometimes a problem with this setup. In one of my next Tutorials I will cover that problem and I’ll show you how to add some interesting reflections to the Smallest Photo-studio of the World. 

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