Grunge Effect in Photoshop

Grunge Effect in Photoshop is a really strong effect to give photos of strong characters the extra kick they need to make the photos impressive. The Grunge Effect brings the details of a strong face to live. I am showing you how you can add the Grunge Effect to a photo by using surface blur on an inverted layer.

Below you can see two before/after samples.

Grunge Effect in Photoshop Grunge Effect in Photoshop

These two images are a really good example how the Grunge Effect brings the persons on the images to live. The details are much better and it is like a grey haze is lifted away from the images.

Here’s the video tutorial.

This video is part of my 5 min Photoshop Tutorial series. These are short and easy to learn Photoshop effects and techniques in just about 5 minutes.
Enjoy and have fun.

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Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial

This Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial can lead to amazing Images. Double Exposure is technique to create a overblending effect of two Images. In the days of analog photography it was a simple technique to over blend two images by exposure the same frame. The resulting image contains the subsequent image over the original and creates ghostly like images.

In Photoshop it is possible to recreate the Double Exposure Effect by using the Screen Layer blend mode.

Here are some examples:

Double Exposure in Photoshop Double Exposure in Photoshop

Double Exposure in PhotoshopDouble Exposure in Photoshop

Here is my Video Tutorial about the Double Exposure Technique

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5 Minutes Photoshop a new Tutorial Series

5 Minutes Photoshop is my new Tutorial Series about Photoshop.

These short tutorial videos are really short and effective to learn a specific technique. I packed as much information as I can into these 5 Minutes. At the moment I am creating these tutorials on daily basis so you get every day a new Photoshop Tutorial. I do not really know how long I can do this but until I am running out of ideas but since then you get served every day.

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Olden but golden Photoshop Tutorial

Here is one of my first tutorial I made. Retouching Skin without loosing any details. The technique is not that complicated but the result is amazing. It’s a non destructive method to keep all the details of the skin but with a smooth and clean look. I prefer this method on all my skin retouching work on female models.

Try this method and you will be amazed.

Here’s the link to the video: Skin retouching