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Grunge Effect in Photoshop

Grunge Effect in Photoshop is a really strong effect to give photos of strong characters the extra kick they need to make the photos impressive. The Grunge Effect brings the details of a strong face to live. I am showing you how you can add the Grunge Effect to a photo by using surface blur on an inverted layer.

Below you can see two before/after samples.

Grunge Effect in Photoshop Grunge Effect in Photoshop

These two images are a really good example how the Grunge Effect brings the persons on the images to live. The details are much better and it is like a grey haze is lifted away from the images.

Here’s the video tutorial.

This video is part of my 5 min Photoshop Tutorial series. These are short and easy to learn Photoshop effects and techniques in just about 5 minutes.
Enjoy and have fun.

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