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  • Studio Light Setup in Blender

    In this Tutorial I show you how you can build an easy Studio light setup to test your models, material and textures. It’s always a good idea to have a test environment to test quick in easy your work instead to render it in a...
  • The Walking Dead – Photoshop Tutorial

    The Walking Dead, my favorite TV-Show is going into the next season. And because of that I thougth it would be a good Idea to create a Photoshop Tutorial how to create the Intro Logo of “The Walking Dead” from scratch. Link to the Tutorial:...
  • Creating a realistic Moon surface.

    I have made a new Tutorial how to create a realistic Moon surface with Blender and the Displace Modifier. I used a real image of the sixth-largest moon of Saturn. Link to the Tutorial: Creating a realistic Moon Support me on Patreon.com
  • Olden but golden Photoshop Tutorial

    Here is one of my first tutorial I made. Retouching Skin without loosing any details. The technique is not that complicated but the result is amazing. It’s a non destructive method to keep all the details of the skin but with a smooth and clean...
  • New Youtube Channels

    I am creating now a bunch of YouTube Channels because of several reasons. My old channel is a little bit messed up and not sorted well The videos on my old channels are without and Intro and Outro I had trouble with Adsense on my...
  • Patreon website of Michael Novelo

    Since today the 02.10.2014 my Patreon website is online and ready. The last few month I was researching for a possibility to refinance my work as Tutor and Blogger and finally I found something wich looks like promising. Patreons concept is a real cool and...

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