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10 Homemade DIY Photo Backgrounds – Blogger ABC

As every Photographer I am always on the search to find interesting backgrounds for my images. So for this post and the video I searched around the house try to find things which nearly everyone has at home.


Something which has nearly everybody at home is a carpet in which shape, color, texture or fluffiness or whatever.

Wooden Boards

As a carpet wooden boards are very common in every house as well. So use what you have wooden Floor, cutting board, old Fruit Box or just a old plank. If you don’t have a old wooden plank just buy a new one and put it outside at a sunny place. If it’s not rainy just put from time to time some water over it. Repeat it until you have the old wood style you are looking for. But this is stuff for an new Post in the future.


A good organized household placemates are an obligation. 


Colorful Paper

Colorful paper is a really a useful helper it can be used as full color background, backdrop or separator.


Because some curtains have a really fine texture they are really good to create good close ups. 

Aluminium Case

Just take the surface of a rippled aluminium case as background to create a very modern and technical look.

Colorful Planer/Notebook

Colorful Planers or Notebooks are a everyday item for a Blogger to take notes and plan the blog or instagram posts. So buy the really good looking ones. Colorful is the new black.


Marble is always a good idea to create a white clean look. You can fake it by using a marble foil or just use the real stone.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper comes in so many variation, it is really inexpensive and you can find it nearly in everywhere.

Paper Shopping Bag

Save your paper shopping, paper bags are cool. They make a really cool background and by the way you save the planet… not the trees…. but the planet.


So as you can see it is not that difficult to get and create good backgrounds. Don’t be shy and try to use everything you think makes a good background.


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