The Space Academy is on the way

The Space Academy is on the way. That means first steps are done,the Domains are registered and first projects scenes are in development. I will post the next days a few more information.

There will be an Newsletter on the new Website for you to register and always be up to date about the developing of the Space Academy.

The next days I am working on a rough layout of the Logo and the Website as soon I release it you will get informed via Facebook, Google+, Twitter or E-mail whatever your platform of choice is.

Next week I will test my new audio equipment for recording. It was time for an update of the microphone so i decided to invest a little bit into a microphone and a mixer. The new Mic is a Rode nt1a with a Behringer mixer xenyx 302 USB, So I hope the audio quality will be constant and with a high quality standard over the whole Workshop.